Luxe CBD products designed to help you Rise, Shine, and Unwind.


There’s no handbook for how to live your life. Every day brings beautiful moments, unexpected challenges, and the ability to grow and overcome obstacles you never knew you could. LUV co-founders Sierra Quitiquit and Emma Thornton will be the first to tell you that hardships only help build who you are and struggle can sometimes lead to some of life’s most precious moments. If there’s one thing these two women have learned, it’s that you can’t control what life gives you, but you can get through anything with the support of those you love and by loving yourself along the way.


We’re a female-founded CBD brand that believe in healthier women will lead us to a healthier world--not just physically healthier, but holistically. Which is why we don’t just make products, we’re growing a community to help you connect with women who have discovered the benefits of CBD, from improving medical conditions to de-stressing their daily lives.


We make LUV. And yes, it’s just as good as it sounds: lux CBD products created with the most premium ingredients, so you can live better every in every moment of your day.