1500MG - Rise & Unwind Gel Capsules Set

1500MG - Rise & Unwind Gel Capsules Set

$280.00 USD $320.00 USD

More energy, better sleep.

This LUV CBD Rise and Unwind Capsule set fits perfectly into your daily routine while giving you a saving on the per-unit price.

Start your day fresh and maintain focus and balance throughout the day with Rise. The tailored blend of CBD and terpenes is designed especially to promote mental clarity with an energy-boosting effect for your morning routine.

Rest and relax into your evening with Unwind. The distinct blend of CBD has been created to help you relax, promoting a sense of calm restfulness, relief from sleeplessness and overall well-being.

INGREDIENTS: 1500mg hemp derived CBD, fractionated (MCT) oil, Terpenes, Gelatin collagen, Glycerin, Water.

0.0% THC

Cruelty-free, Gluten-free