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This year’s World Health Day sees the World Health Organization shine a spotlight on nurses and midwives - many of whom are currently on the frontline of the global pandemic and putting their lives on the line to care for others.

The global health and social workforce is made up of 70% women, a large proportion of whom are nurses and midwives. These extraordinary people are often the ones who spend the most time with patients - forming relationships, building trust, and responding to daily patient needs.

According to the WHO, ‘Many countries need to do more to ensure that nurses and midwives can work in an environment where they are safe from harm, respected by medical colleagues and community members, and where their work is integrated with other health-care professionals.’

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the key role that nurses especially are playing in the fight against the pandemic. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the nurses and midwives - regardless of gender - who are putting their own health at risk on a daily basis to help protect the rest of us. We are truly grateful for the work they do.

Want to contribute? Here are some US-specific ideas of how to help care workers.