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This month LUV learns from Glory Skincare CEO and Founder Alisia Ford.

Alisia founded Glory to cater for the beauty needs of women with melanin-rich skin, and has created an inspiring brand that uses technological solutions to provide non-toxic skincare products to women of every hue.

We spoke to Alisia about her accomplishments, her self-care routines and what she hopes her legacy will be.

Talk to us about Glory

Glory provides tech-enabled skincare solutions for women with melanin-rich skin, which is a highly unmet need in beauty. We recently launched a successful MVP, our Glory SkincareBox, which is featured in Harper’s Bazaar and The larger vision is to develop data-driven skincare, and content created by skin experts.

How do you define yourself?

I am a resilient, easy-going, beach lover. I was born in upstate New York, but grew up in Southern California. I was raised by a single mother who instilled in me the value of work ethic and the strength to keep going even when there are roadblocks.

What’s your greatest accomplishment? What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the relationships I have developed and maintained over the years. I value meaningful connections with people and find that you can accomplish many things in life when you have a supportive tribe. That tribe has been with me through law school and bar exams; through the loss of my father; and during the launch of Glory.

How do you express love to others?

I asked my partner this question, because I wanted to get another person’s point of view. He says that I demonstrate love to others through acts of kindness and empathy. I treat people how I’d want to be treated, which is to make sure people feel seen and heard. It’s what inspired me to launch Glory. So many women of color like myself have been under-served in the beauty and skincare space. And so I want to create a space for her to see herself in images and for her to feel heard, and that’s by offering products created by data.

How did you overcome obstacles to get where you are today?

Like many, I’ve experienced obstacles; but I’ve overcome them by ambition, determination, and my faith in God. The latter is the most important, in that it’s given me the foundation to weather any storm. And now as I embark on building a business, I can look back and think of all the obstacles that I overcome, and have faith that I can accomplish this big giant as well.

How have self-limiting narratives kept you from greatness?

There are certainly times where I experience imposter syndrome. Being a CEO has been a humbling experience for me. In the beginning, I wore all the hats as a solo-founder. Most of us come from some sort of career path, and that’s our zone of specialty or genius. For me, it’s my legal background. I was a subject matter expert in law - licensing, negotiation, advertising business affairs. Then when I started Glory, I managed, social media, content creation, strategic partnerships, fulfilment, sales, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting...the list goes on. When managing so many facets of the business, I started to feel ill-equipped. And then I realized, I don’t have to know it all, and nobody knows it all.

What does your self-care ritual look like?

My self-care ritual has changed due to the pandemic. Pre-COVID, I would do a pamper day every two weeks, where I would get my nails and hair done by a professional. And I had a monthly membership plan for massages. Now, I do self-pampering at home. I love aromatherapy candles, hot baths with epsom salt, and a good workout on my Peloton bike.

What are your top three tips for staying fit and healthy?

1. Self-care is so important for mental, physical, and emotional health. And self-care is different for everyone. But when you find what works for you, it’s so great to be consistent with it.

2. Drink water regularly throughout the day. I notice when I’m not hydrated, I feel so sluggish.

3. Move your body. I read something recently that resonated with me - sometimes we don’t value exercise until we can no longer do it. I am guilty of being so busy with work, that I often don’t make exercise a priority. And I realize that exercise should be the priority. So I take time out during the day to dance, stretch, walk, do something that requires me to move my healthy body.

What impact do you want to leave on the world?

I want to leave a legacy for my unborn children. I want my beautiful brown children to live in a world where they feel safe, seen, and heard. And so I am starting first within the beauty and skincare industry. I envision a world where mainstream beauty and skincare truly recognizes the value of equity and inclusion, and people of color are at the forefront of every touchpoint in beauty and skincare.

What top three things would you tell your younger self?

1. Worry less.

2. Set healthy boundaries, which means it’s okay to say “No.”

3. Take more risks.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about continuing to fulfil my purpose here on earth. I truly believe great things are in store and I am excited for the ride.