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When you need to decompress from daily stressors, forget your busy day, and be ready for an enjoyable relaxed evening, LUV CBD Unwind Tincture can be your perfect companion.

The UNWIND Tincture was created to help you relax, and promote a sense of calm restfulness and well-being.

Blended specifically to encourage deep rest and relaxation, UNWIND will help you settle into your evening with peace and tranquility, promoting better sleep and a state of ease.

Here are our favorite ways to incorporate LUV CBD Unwind Tincture into our day:

De-stress from a busy day

When you still have things to do, but really need a bit of help to de-compress and leave the hectic day behind you:


  • Take UNWIND Tincture before doing five minutes of meditation or lie with your legs raised on a chair or against the wall. You’ll feel less wound up and able to get back to your tasks with more mental clarity.

Relax with CBD Mock-tails

Alcohol can have a negative effect on sleep quality, so we love a CBD mock-tail in the evening instead. The delicious sweet lemon UNWIND CBD flavor combines well with a variety of healthy mock-tail ingredients.


  • Combine seltzer water with freshly squeezed lemon and lime, muddled raspberries (or pomegranate juice) and some fresh mint to garnish. Add some UNWIND Tincture and a syrup of your choice to sweeten if desired.
  • Add fresh orange peel, cinnamon and bitters to some seltzer water. Add the UNWIND Tincture and a syrup of your choice to sweeten if desired.

Better Sleep

UNWIND Tincture was blended specifically to promote deep rest, so it’s a perfect addition to your nighttime routine to help you ease into sleep.


  • Take a dropper of UNWIND Tincture as you’re starting to wind down for bedtime. Dim the lights to signal that it’s bedtime, and perhaps do some gentle stretching to release tension from your body.

Overcoming Jet Lag

CBD can be a great relaxant when traveling. Flying can be very stressful, so it’s great to find a sense of ease and calm to help you through it.


  • Take UNWIND Tincture before you fly to help you relax on the plane when you’re feeling a heightened sense of stress. If you need to sleep on the flight, then a lavender infused eye pillow and some soothing music can be very helpful. 

More About LUV CBD UNWIND Tincture

PRODUCT SPECIFICS: Highest quality hemp extract, grown to organic standards in the US, tested above benchmark levels for efficacy, and safety. Bottled in Oregon in our gorgeous 14ct gold-plated tincture bottles.

TASTE PROFILE: Sweet lemon citrus.

INGREDIENTS: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Flavors, Terpenes.