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We all know that spiraling feeling: you're working on a presentation, then a colleague messages you to ask a question, you go to answer the question when your phone rings, then another email comes in, and you’re already late to your next meeting. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But in moments like this, what we need to do is stop and reconnect with ourselves.

Studies show that mindfulness meditation has numerous benefits for cognitive function, including performance in attention-based tasks, rapid memory recall, and the ability to screen out distractions.

This guided Body Scan Meditation by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center takes just three minutes and can help to reduce the stress of the moment, while also improving your focus and attention on what needs to be done.

It might be hard to believe, but you can always find five minutes to reconnect with yourself. Next time you get up to get some water or before heading to lunch, find a quiet place to re-set your mental state. Taking the time to step outside, even just for a few moments, or finding a quiet meeting room can work. Follow the meditation and you'll head back to your desk with a renewed sense of calm and focus.


  • Make it a habit. As with all meditation, making mindfulness a longer-term habit will reap enormous benefits. To help you form a daily habit, try associating it with other things you do every day. For example, before eating lunch every day, take three minutes to do the body scan meditation.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachel is a qualified yoga instructor with a passion for helping people to discover the benefits of yoga and meditations for their own needs - be they sleep, relaxation or energy. She is a lifelong learner with an interest in holistic health, and understanding how we can best support both body and mind to be strong, healthy and happy.