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Meditation apps and websites are great tools for keeping a regular meditation practise. It’s often easier to follow a guided meditation than it is to self-guide, and there is so much choice available that you can always find something to suit your mood as well as your time constraints.

As the holidays quickly advance and it feels like there’s a lot to do, regular meditation can help you to stay balanced and calm.

We asked members of the LUV team to share their favorite meditation apps, so here are our recommendations:


I love the selection of music and guided meditation on calm. I especially like the sounds from nature as I find the rain on leaves super relaxing. I also love the Calm island sounds as it whisks me away to my happy place, on a relaxing tropical beach somewhere. - Emma

Insight Timer

It's perfect for breath meditation when I'm feeling anxious, or for a guided meditation when I'm trying to fall asleep. I enjoy using the binaural beats which replicate the sound of brain waves, and guides me into a deep state of relaxation. - Kinsey

Jason Stephenson on YouTube

This is my go-to for meditation. Whether it’s guided, affirmations or simply just peaceful music, he's got everything. While most people like to meditate seated I am more comfortable lying down. People wonder how I don't fall asleep - and I would be lying if I said I never did - but meditation is what you make of it and if it's resting then so be it! Whatever brings you peace. - Maddi

Sleep Meditation for Kids

My daughter Margaret (9) has a hard time winding down for sleep - it helps her quiet her mind and relax into sleep. - Mary

iRest is a form of yoga nidra, which takes you into a state of deep relaxation. has a few tracks that you can try out and my favorite is the 20 minute meditation for deep sleep - I don’t think I’ve ever made it to the end! There are also some shorter meditations there that I use in the middle of the day when I’m feeling a little frazzled and need to take a breather. - Rachel

Do you have your own favorite meditation resources? We’d love to hear from you so click here to let us know what else we should be trying out.