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Memorial Day is upon us, and although the weekend might not entail the usual celebrations, there's no reason why a socially-distanced Memorial Day can't be spent sipping some delicious CBD mocktails! You’ll be able to say goodbye to excessive calories and headaches, and hello to nourishing, naturally-sweetened juicy mocktails that can be enjoyed all day.


Looking to enjoy some morning solitude outdoors before the kids take over the yard all day? Here's a delicious strawberry banana smoothie just citrusy enough to awaken the senses.

Combine half a cup of orange juice with half a banana, half a cup of cut strawberries and a drop of LUV RISE Tincture in a blender until smooth. Serve with an orange and strawberry slice on the edge of the glass.

For an exotic twist, replace the strawberries and banana with mango and dragon fruit.

SunSHINE Colada

As midday rolls around and the sun and heat become intense there really isn’t anything more refreshing than a good old-fashioned pina colada. The addition of LUV SHINE Vanilla & Rose Tincture adds to the flavor profile while also pairing well with the coconut and pineapple.

Combine half a cup of low-fat coconut milk, half a cup of fresh (or frozen) pineapple and ice (omit if using frozen pineapple) in a blender with a dropper of SHINE Tincture and serve in a fun-shaped glass with an umbrella to create an island feel.

SHINE also goes well with pina colada's less tropical cousin, the daiquiri; replace the coconut milk and pineapple with passion fruit flavored seltzer water, peaches and a light drizzle of agave nectar.


Long weekend evenings would be incomplete without a delicious beverage. Our LUV UNWIND Tincture, formulated for evening use, has beautiful citrusy notes that are a flavor match made in heaven with cherry limeade.

Prep a stemless wine glass by dipping the rim in water and then sugar or a sugar substitute - we prefer Erythritol or Inulin. Add ice to the glass along with half a cup of seltzer water. Next, add a dropper of SHINE Tincture to a cocktail shaker with ice, juice from a lime, half a cup of cherry juice and agave nectar to taste. Shake well, pour into your wine glass and then garnish with a lime wedge and fresh cherries.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Madison Eubanks is Holistic Wellness Practitioner and a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Nutrition and Urban Farming are not only her areas of expertise, but her passion; she loves educating people on the healing powers of food and how they can allow it to “be thy medicine”. Madison also has certifications as a health and life coach and is a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She has been a dedicated vegan for over four years, believing it to be one of the best choices she has ever made: ‘there is no better diet that takes in consideration for human health, the environment and animal welfare’.