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Love means different things to different people.  When you ask a child “what is love?” they may answer “unicorns and rainbows, or sunshine and sparkles”, but for others, it can mean friendship and emotional connection, or thankfulness and appreciation.  Love starts with the caring and kindness we show to ourselves.

Here are some ideas for thought...

LUV is ... soul searching

What makes you tick? Gets you out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face

What fills you up?

What brings you joy?

What truly motivates you?

LUV is... banishing fear

Be clear about what you don’t know

Accept it, and be in receiving mode to learn

Find the courage to make the leap

Think “why not” more than “what if”

LUV is... building your network

Women supporting women. Who do you admire and look up to? Whom can you ask to be your mentor or coach?

From a Board, to a Charity Committee, identifying your top 3 choices, then work out how to secure the positions you desire

Be a sponge. Talk to everyone.  Be open and honest.  Make meaningful human connections everywhere you go, exchange information and don’t be afraid to follow up

Leverage networking tools like Linkedin to make sure your network knows about your skillset and can follow your progress

LUV is... financial freedom

Having awareness of, and getting control of all the money you have coming in on a regular basis

Finding a way to organize and plan your out-goings.  Being comfortable with budgeting

A structure to support longer term goals (saving/investing): from annual vacations to study courses, to the trip of a lifetime or retirement

LUV is... focusing on gratitude and thankfulness VS chasing “being happy”

Focus on your Daily 15:

5 things at the end of the day that were positive, that you learned from

5 things that you’re thankful for

5 acts of kindness (from smiling at a stranger, to holding the door open for someone, to calling a friend in need)