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Beauty starts from the inside out, and getting the right nutrition is an important way to ensure your body has what it needs to keep the inside healthy and the skin hydrated, elastic and glowing.

We know that eating a balanced diet is always the starting point. Local organic produce is more likely to retain its nutrient content so always opt for that when possible. On top of this, though, it’s a good idea to supplement with those things that you might not be getting enough of from food alone. Ingestible beauty is about supplements that will support your overall health and those that will specifically target your skin and hair.

Here are some of our favorites brands and products:

HUM Nutrition

From pills for bloating to multivitamins and liver health support, HUM has a variety of options to help support your health as you need it. HUM’s large range of vitamins is categorised into ‘Skin’, ‘Hair’, ‘Body’, ‘Mood’ and ‘Vegan’, so you can find what your body needs and tackle your specific complaint. One of our favorites is the Skin Squad Pre+Probiotic Capsules: vegan capsules that help to balance the gut microbiome and to support a clear complexion.


Collagen is one of the building blocks we need to keep our skin, joints, hair and nails healthy and strong, so it is an ingestible beauty go-to. SkinTe is the first ever collagen sparking tea. Its three delicious flavors combine collagen with the benefits of green, white or herbal tea to deliver both health and beauty benefits in a can.


Ritual is the first company to honestly reveal the ingredients in your vitamins, as well as tracing those ingredients back to source. You always know exactly what’s going into your body: their products are clean, natural, and transparent (literally - the clear capsules allow you to see inside!). You can also use their helpful questionnaire to build a tailor-made bundle that meets your needs.

Flora Health Omega Oil

Omega oils play an important role in health, but since they cannot be made by the body, they need to be included in your diet. Since most supplements are taken from oily fish, it can be hard to find one without the overly fishy taste - or find one at all, if you’re vegan. Flora Health’s 3-6-9 Blend is made from a combination of organic plant and seed oils, giving it a subtle taste - ideal for adding to salads and smoothies without ruining the flavor!


NeoCell is a high-quality collagen brand whose range of products also contain other beauty-focused supplements such as Hyaluronic Acid. NeoCell’s delicious powders are easy to use and can be mixed in with tea, coffee, or your favorite smoothie. We also love their tasty gummies and chewables, which make it easy to get your daily recommended intake.