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With summer officially approaching, it’s time to think about your warm-weather beauty routine.

There’s nothing quite like walking outside, feeling the warm sunshine and smelling freshly-mown grass, notes of neroli and citrus as well as the smells of salty ocean air, rose, vanilla, coconut and suntan lotion to make you feel good!

Whether it’s salt spray to add to your hair or making the most of fresh fruity mocktails, the sunny days can inspire a whole new summer fragrance experience.

Here are some ideas for bringing the scent of summer with you, and recreating it indoors to help lift your mood.

Natural Perfumes

These are great for an easy way to freshen up and immerse yourself in the aromatherapy of summer scents:

  • Pacifica Natural Origins Kindred Spirit - With its scents of rose and piney lemon, this is perfect for a quick pick-me-up!
  • Skylar Salt Air - What’s better than the smell of sea salt in the summer? This natural perfume has no parabens, phthalates, animal-derived ingredients or synthetic dyes.
  • BLK+GRN Dune Eau de Parfum - Scents of lime and rose, this perfume is a must-have; plus it's made with clean ingredients by a conscious brand.
  • Earth Tu Face Botanical Perfume - Made with beeswax and jasmine, this is a roll-on natural perfume that will leave you wanting more.

Candles and Room Sprays

These are also a great way to bring summer inside, even on cloudy days:

BLK+GRN Botanic Sea Candle - White roses with lime, orange and coconut will make you feel as though you’re sitting on the beach. Crafted with soy and coconut wax to ensure clean ingredients.

Harlem Candle Company Lenox Candle - Tangerine, green apple and hints of coconut and vanilla make this luxurious candle a delight. Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils.

Aesop Olous Room Spray - Botanical scents of citrus will instantly freshen up your room.