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Working from home can have a lot of benefits: the ability to work more flexibly, to make fresh meals, and to be able to juggle work and home life with more ease.

However, it’s all too easy to sit at your home desk all day without moving. If your setup is more makeshift than your office - no desktop computer or screen and no adjustable chair to properly align your body - then you might be suffering more aches and pains than usual.

Getting up to move around every half an hour is helpful when you’re sitting at a computer all day and there are other exercises you can do to keep your body moving and stop stiffness setting in.

Neck Stretches

Keeping the chin level, tilt your head to the left, bringing your left ear to your left shoulder. Take a few deep breaths here, and then tilt over to the right and do the other side. Placing your hand on your head can also help to gently ease away stress that your neck is holding onto.

Shoulder Rolls

Sitting up straight, roll your shoulders back a number of times and then reverse the direction. Go slowly, and try to really feel your shoulder blades squeezing together and moving apart with each roll. Do both directions - forwards and backwards - equally.

Side Stretches

Stand up with your feet hip-distance apart and facing forward. Interlink your fingers and stretch your arms up above your head, palms facing up. Bend your body over to the left and take a few breaths, then come back to center and bend over to the right. Breathe deeply and try to feel the expansion of your ribs with each inhale, feeling the muscles of your side stretching with each breath.

Hip Circles

Standing up, bring your feet slightly wider than hip width apart and draw wide clockwise circles with your hips. Do 5-10 in this direction then reverse and do the same number of anti-clockwise circles.

Seated Twist

Sitting up straight, bring your right hand to your left knee and twist your upper body to the left. You can hold the back of the chair with your left hand to help deepen the stretch. Take a few deep breaths here before coming back to center. Do the other side by bringing your left hand to your right knee and twisting your upper body over to the right. Turn your gaze to the back as you stretch. Breathe slowly and hold the stretch on each side for the same duration.