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As we all do our part to stay indoors during this difficult time, we wanted to focus on some of the positive ways we can make social-distancing feel fun and refreshing for the family. Especially if you have children to entertain, it can feel like a daunting task trying to fill the hours in a day. Below are a few ways we’re going to make the most of moving at a slower pace and spending time with those close to us.

Big History Project

The Big History Project brings a new way of presenting history, social studies, and more by examining our past, present and potential future. The topics are geared toward high-school-aged kids, but the lessons are universal and can be enjoyed by anyone.


Mystery Science

This website provides a series of courses for kids to learn about everything from the human body to our solar system. They’ve also organized a free recommended curriculum for teaching from home.



This site offers free tools and tutorials for teaching children about the world of 3D art and printing. Your child can jump into it immediately and follow guides lessons or explore their own way.


Artful Parent

Put your arts and crafts supplies to use with this website that’s full of creative ideas. From watercolors to printmaking and collage, there are so many ways to use what’s around your home to create artful projects.


Encourage Imagination

We all feel a little out of sorts right now. We could try to fight it by sticking to routine and normalcy, or we can embrace it and see where our imagination takes us. Let the kids build a fort in the living room. Act like your favorite Disney characters (for a whole day!). Make breakfast for dinner. Letting go can feel good. Try asking your kids: what do they want to do for the day? Their answers might surprise you.