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We’ve been reading a lot lately about in-home beauty hacks: everything from egg-white hair masks to mayonnaise conditioner, aspirin acne treatment to DIY cornstarch dry shampoo!

Here are some of our favorite suggestions for in-home beauty hacks:

Experiment with what’s lying around the house

  • Use almond oil as a makeup and lipstick remover (also great for fighting pimples).
  • Tame eyebrows with vaseline and a brow brush.
  • Add coconut oil to the lengths and ends of your hair for an overnight mask.
  • Make your own detox bath soak: try adding 1 cup apple cider vinegar plus ⅓ cup of epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda and 3 tbsp ground ginger to your bath. Mix the dry ingredients first, then add them with the vinegar to the bath.
  • At home teeth whitening - make a mixture with baking soda and coconut oil and brush with it.
  • Try olive oil for a deliciously moisturizing overnight hair mask.
  • Use tea tree essential oil as a natural spot treatment for acne.
  • Make a face mist with freshly squeezed lemon and filtered water for a quick spritz.

Experiment with deodorants while you’re at home!

  • Try using a small amount of essential oils (diluted down with oil if you buy 100% strength), in your armpits instead of traditional deodorants. Try bergamot, lemon oil or rose. They will smell amazing, and also feel really soft.

Want to get a natural glow while stuck indoors?

  • Try a cold water wash. Wash your face with cold water a couple of times a week. Splashing it with cold water each morning will also help wake you up and close pores so they are less prone to bacteria.
  • Try green tea bags to help with puffiness around the eyes. Place cool green tea bags under the eyes for around 5 minutes to help tighten and de-puff.

Look after your hair while doing your online workout at home

  • If you’re not planning to wash your hair after exercising, use a texturizing mist and spray through the hair before you put it up into a topknot. Leave it there while you work out. Once you’re done your hair will be beautifully wavy!
  • Apply a hair mask from mid-shaft to the ends, then put your hair up in a bun while you work out. The heat from exercising will help the mask penetrate the hair and be absorbed for smooth, glossy strands.
  • Cold rinse. Great for hair follicles as well as for increased shine. Also helps close pores and has the added benefit of giving your immune system a boost!