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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you still have time to put together a thoughtful gift to show her how much you care.

Whether you want to buy one big gift or to shower her with little ones, here are some of our favorite gift ideas designed to make her feel special:

The Gift of Wellness

Aromatherapy Precious Florals Collection by doTERRA. The perfect blend with five different essential oils.

SkinTé Collagen Tea is the perfect gift for a mother who needs an extra boost of collagen or just enjoys sipping on a delicious drink! Packed with collagen peptides and antioxidants, she will love this collection.

A weekly organic vegetable box delivered right to her door! Imperfect Foods delivers groceries that are nutritious, sustainable and delicious.

The Gift of Luxury

LUV CBD All Day Tincture Set plus a free Clutch! This set provides you with unique blends of pure CBD designed for Morning, Noon and Night, and a gorgeous clutch crafted from luxurious soft golden leather. A wonderful way to help her manage energy, stress and sleep!

Accessory Junkie Syd Necklace in gold. Handcrafted in sterling silver, plated in gold. It’s the perfect accessory for a night out that your mom will love.

Zimmerli Light Magic Classic Pajama Set - lightweight and soft, this floral print pajama set is a great gift for the mom who loves to lounge in luxury attire.

Chanel Lipstick Rouge Allure Camélia. An exclusive limited edition that will set the tone no matter the occasion.

The Gift of Calm Energy

Daily Harvest Ready-To-Blend Smoothies - delivered right to her door, these are packed with all of the superfoods she will need to get her going!

A meditation app is a great way to promote feelings of calm. We love Headspace, (monthly or yearly subscriptions available) or The Calm App.

LUV RISE CBD Tincture. Rise with this tailored blend of CBD, that promotes mental clarity and energy-boosting effects for your morning routine.

The Gift of Positivity

The Little Book of Mindfulness: A ten-minute-a-day meditation journal, perfect for those looking to practice mindfulness but aren’t sure where to start.

Peppermint essential oil: Another doTERRA necessity, and perfect for a little mental balance and boost.

LUV SHINE CBD Tincture: Shine with a unique blend of CBD that uses naturally derived terpenes to help her maintain clarity and balance all day long.

The Gift of Sleep

There’s nothing like a soothing cup of warm tea at bedtime. Our favorites are Nighty Night from Traditional Medicinals and well as Sleepytime Tea.

Sonoma Lavender Neck Pillow. Made with luxurious, ultra-soft covers, these neck pillows can be heated up in the microwave to sooth aching muscles. Top tip: they can also be put in the freezer for a post-workout treatment for active moms!

LUV UNWIND CBD Tincture - Help her to Unwind with a distinct blend of CBD created to promote relaxation, a sense of calm restfulness and well-being.