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What’s your fitness routine like? At LUV, we all have our own way of working out. Some of us are dedicated to the run, while others never let anything get in the way of their yoga class, and then there’s the crew that are always looking for new ways to break a sweat.

Whatever you’re into, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite tech-friendly ways to stay fit.

The Mirror

If you haven’t heard of the newest gadget that’s reinventing your fitness routine, you’ll love this one. It’s a smart mirror that brings hundreds of world-class workouts right into your home. Watch yourself work out, stay motivated by connecting with friends, and forget any excuse for not getting a workout in. Available to try at some Four Season Hotel gyms to keep you motivated while you travel!

the be.come project

We love this fitness app because it’s all about body-positivity. Each week, Bethany, the Founder, delivers a new 25-minute routine designed to activate your muscles and get you moving in new ways. Part dance, part yoga, and more, it’s a refreshing approach to fitness that’s easy to incorporate into your daily movement.

TA Online Studio

Tracy Anderson has developed a cult-level following with her studio workouts that you can do almost anywhere. If you’re looking to break a serious sweat at your home gym or even in a hotel room, consider trying the annual subscriptions to TA and bring on the burn.


Bike, run, stretch and lift with Peloton, without needing to buy a bike or tread for your home. Motivation from a fantastic global mix of instructors (Ally Love and Robin Arzon are faves of ours). The Peloton community is renowned. The great digital interface means you can celebrate goals with new friends and connect with friends you already know to help you stay motivated and cheer you on. Try the full library of workouts as well as live streaming free for 30 days.


If you’re looking for something simple that won’t require video, Aaptiv offers tons of audio-guided workouts. If you’re already familiar with common exercises, yoga positions, and proper form, this is a good app to help guide you through new routines and refresh your daily practice.