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The best way to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning is with a good beauty and skincare routine. In order to prepare for the day ahead, I use my favorite beauty products for optimal energy and feel-good factor so that I’m ready to take on the day.

Here’s my morning routine:

  • Good sleep is my top priority. It’s so important for body, mind and soul. My bedtime routine, which includes meditation and LUV CBD, definitely helps me have a restful night.
  • I wake up, usually unaided, but with an alarm set as back up. My youngest daughter and I are both morning people, so she often joins me downstairs for an early morning hug & catch up.
  • The ritual of making a cup of tea in the morning is something I love, and will never go without. While it’s brewing I feed the dog and let her out into the yard.
  • If I don’t prioritize exercise first thing, the day gets away from me, and it’s harder to squeeze in. So I jump on my Peloton or head out for a walk/run (to maximize my productivity, I also start tackling my inbox, responding to emails from team members on the East Coast, or reviewing documents at the same time!).
  • After working out, it’s time to get ready - I start with a face cloth to remove excess sweat, then apply an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and smooth my skin.
  • I often apply a mask before stepping into the shower, washing it off at the end before I get out. It helps lock in hydration, soothe any skin redness, and provides my skin with elasticity and all of the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay plump and smooth, protecting it for the rest of the day.
  • After my shower, I cleanse, tone & moisturize. I often apply our LUV CBG oil as a serum underneath my moisturizer which helps calm and soothe while helping to support the skin barrier and combat environmental stressors. Once I’ve applied my make-up, I’m ready for a full day of work!
  • I don’t tend to eat anything before 11am, but I often make a smoothie to get me going. My favorite way to start the day is with a super green smoothie, dense in nutrients and with a little bit of our RISE Tincture for an extra boost to the day. Here's one of my favorite combinations