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They say that along with hydration, sleep is one of the most important beauty-boosting habits. The best way to get a good night’s sleep is by having a good evening routine. In order to prepare for ultimate rest, I follow some of my self-care favorites to promote relaxation so I can ease into sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the new day.

Here’s my evening routine:

  • Before taking a bath, I put on my favorite detox face mask and I leave it on for the duration of the bath for an extra boost of calm and to really clean and detox my skin.
  • I like my bath hot with epsom salts. In order to zone into relaxation, I try to make it a safe space that’s completely soothing. I light candles and set them around the bath and on the counter, and make sure to use an essential oil in a diffuser for aromatherapy with lavender oil. And most importantly, it is a time just for me, with no screen and no interruptions. I’ll often listen to music or read a book to really help me switch off and wind down.
  • After the tub I take a quick rinse to wash off the epsom salts and any toxins that are on my skin. Then I rinse off my mask, cleanse (rub with a hot flannel to promote exfoliation and blood flow), tone and then I always moisturize (if my skin is really dry, I’ll use a hydration mask overnight!)
  • I love a luxe body butter or souffle and often use LUV CBG Tincture oil topically to combat any dryness.
  • Right before getting into bed, I drink a cup of calm magnesium powder and take my Unwind CBD Gel Caps for a relaxed and restful night’s sleep.
  • My last step is to meditate in bed. I either listen to the Calm app for meditative sleep or the sound of distant ocean waves to help regulate my breathing and drift off to dreamland.