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It’s well known that brands who engage with local communities or connect with your sense of purpose are more likely to win your business. Thanks to increased transparency via the internet, production methods, carbon footprint and ingredients can all be scrutinized.

Some of today's great brands are helping make sure that our purchases are impactful in our communities and beyond. Whether companies give back to charity or use recyclable or sustainable materials, we want to recognize the companies that are doing well by doing good.

Here are some of our favorite conscious brands to consider:

All Birds

If you’re in need of a new workout outfit or some running shoes, All Birds is the place to go. With a goal to be completely carbon neutral, until they hit zero emissions they will tax themselves on the emissions they use and invest in offsets that fund projects that neutralize their carbon footprint. Their wool is also traceable back to the individual sheep!

Omi Woods

A contemporary jewelry brand that celebrates its connections to the African diaspora. Its gorgeous pieces are individually and ethically hand-made with precious metals, gemstones, conflict-free diamonds and gold.

A Good Company

Dedicated to using sustainable materials to have the least amount of environmental impact possible. They use no harsh chemicals, provide materials for every product, and donate 4% for every purchase to A Good Foundation. From stone paper notebooks and journals to natural grass pens, they have everything to spruce up your home office.

Branch Basics

Finding cleaning products that will get the job done without harsh chemicals is tough to find, but Branch Basics uses plant- and mineral-based concentrates, ready for you to add water and use. Non-toxic, GMO free and biodegradable, these cleaning products are a must for cleaning - and buying concentrated formulas saves on packaging and shipping in the long run, too.

The Reformation

Chic and stunning clothing that is made with natural fibers that are up-cycled and renewable. Along with green building infrastructure, the brand is 100% carbon neutral.


If you’re looking for a new tote for the summer season, FEED is perfect. They provide meals to children in schools in over 63 different countries, including the United States. On each tote shows the number of meals they donate to school children so you can see exactly how your purchase is making an impact.


High quality clothing that lasts, using as much recycled material as possible. Everlane partners with the best factories all over the world, making frequent visits and an audit of a score of at least 90%. This practice ensures that the factories provide a safe environment for their workers with fair wages and reasonable hours.


Unique and creative hand crafted items where entrepreneurs can share their passion with others all over the world. Their guiding principles of minimizing waste, committing to craft, embracing differences, and leading with optimism, makes this company a great place to find that extra special item you’ve always wanted.


Proclaim is is an inclusive lingerie line, expanding the definition of “nude” one ethically-made bra at a time. Founder, Shobha Philips, started Proclaim because she could never find a ‘nude’ that matched her skin tone. With unique, cut-out bra designs, the super soft fabric is actually made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles.


We at LUV are active in the cancer community, with a give-back program for women going through or who have recovered from cancer. We use glass instead of plastic jars, and our packaging is made from recycled material and is manufactured responsibly in a wind-powered, carbon-neutral facility.
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